Q. Do I need to get 3 Estimates?

A. No. You only need to provide a single Estimate from the shop of YOUR choice. In fact, many insurance companies will write their own estimate anyway, which means you just wasted your lunch hour for nothing. Call our staff first and we will let you know which process your insurance company uses.


Q. Do I have to take my car to the shop that the insurance company referred me to?

A. No. YOU are the only one who can decide where to repair your car. Although many insurance companies have “direct repair” relationships with certain shops, the final decision on who will do the repair, is YOURS. Call us so we can let you know what programs we are approved for, or how your insurance company handles their claims process.


Q. What if my car has frame damage? Will it ever be the same?

A. If your car was in an impact more serious than a “bump in the parking lot”, then there is a pretty good chance that the frame or “UNIBODY STRUCTURE” has been compromised. Vehicles today are designed to collapse in an impact to absorb the energy from the collision. Believe it or not, this protects you and your passengers. The bad news is, it costs more to repair. However, if the repair facility has the correct training and equipment, your car can be returned to the factory specifications. Lakeside Collision utilizes Computer Laser Technology to measure and repair damaged unitized frames. We will provide you with a computer printout documenting the accuracy of the repair.


Q. How long will my car be in the shop?

A. To complete the repair correctly, it may take some time. We can do some things like “pre-ordering” parts, and assisting you in expediting the insurance claims process to reduce the amount of time you are out of your car. However, there are also other events that could potentially delay the completion of your car. Once we have the car opened up we can assess all of the damage caused by the accident, we will have a more realistic view of the completion date. It is important to note that Lakeside Collision has continually received excellent marks when it comes to ON TIME DELIVERY.


Q. Can I get a rental car when my vehicle is dropped off for repair?

A. Yes, we can arrange a rental car to coincide with your scheduled appointment.


Q. My car needs towing, what do I do?

A. We can arrange towing at your convenience. Please contact us to make arrangements





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