Claims Processing


If you are like most people, being involved in an accident doesn't happen that often. Knowledge of how the claims process works can save you hours of frustration and anxiety, we can help you navigate through this process.       Please consider a few of the following suggestions when beginning your process.


* Make sure that you get all of the other person’s information at the time of the accident.


Driver’s Name, Phone #, D.L. #, Insurance Company, Agent & Phone #, Make/model of car, License plate #, Police Report #, Witness & Contact information, Describe scene of accident briefly.


If an insurance company is going to be paying for the repair, file the claim as soon as possible.


Be sure to get the claim number on your first call to the insurance company.


If another party is at fault, but wants to pay for it out of pocket, don’t wait too long. Get them an estimate as soon as quick as you can. Make sure the estimate is as complete as it can be. If there are any “open” items, ask the shop to note all of them on the estimate. Again, don’t wait too long. It shouldn’t take the other party more than about 3 minutes to decide whether the amount is more than the person has in the bank. Anything more than that is just a stall.


If the other party is at fault, they (or their insurance company), owe you a rental car. The insurance company understands this, and will not give you grief about this issue. However, a third party may not understand the law or your rights.


If the vehicle is un-drivable, get it to the shop as quickly as possible. (And get into your rental car). Un-drivable may mean that the car is illegal to drive, i.e.; lights not working etc.


Whenever possible have the insurance adjuster inspect the car at the shop where you are having it repaired. This will give the shop the opportunity to discuss any other items that the adjuster may have missed. This procedure minimizes questions as to how the repair will proceed.


Never argue with the adjuster. The shop should be the one dealing with the adjuster on your behalf. If they are not, you are not getting your money's worth. The shop understands what it takes to repair your vehicle. The only time that the shop should involve you with negotiations, is when there is a coverage issue stated by your policy, or if the adjuster is recommending a process that will compromise the repair.




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